The expertise of Rossini Murta is to manufacture and machine metal parts and the company has also taken a strong participation in automotive, agriculture and oil and gas areas. Rossini Murta started its activities in November of 1994, with three mechanical machines that were installed in a building with two hundred square meters of area.

Until now the company has kept its original partnership, its own founders.

In the beginning of 1995, advised by its first customer and also after noticing the features of its market, the company started managing its investments to more modern equipment, mainly CNC machines (Computerized Numeric Control Machines).

After some time, the company has also noticed that it would be important to invest  still more due to the market growing demand, which was the reason for Rossini Murta to buy  other CNC machines.

As consequence of  the fast  growing of the company, there was need for more physical space to settle its new machines, what forced the company to move to new buildings: eight hundred square meters area; one thousand and five hundred square meters area; and finally to its own and current building with around five thousand square meters, located in Polo Empresarial Tamboré, Santana de Parnaíba, SP – Brazil.

Currently the company has around forty CNC machines, such as: vertical and horizontal machine centers; vertical and horizontal CNC lathes; and also it has: gear hobbing machines; gear shaving machines; grinding and broaching machines and the others.

Besides that, the company has invested in modern measurement equipment, searching to keep the quality of its products, such as:  DEA and Mitutoyo tridimensional machines (Computerized Measurement Machines- CMM); manual measurement machines;  and metallographic equipment  laboratory.

Its quality system tries to get all the expectations of its customers through the reliable manufactured and machined products, with continue improvement of its processes in their all phases, providing satisfaction to its customers related to the quality of their products and complying with their delivery deadlines. For its partners and also founders, the Rossini Murta mission can be understood by supplying products with quality and competitive costs, keeping the integrity of its supply chain, ensuring the capacitation of its employees and also recycling their knowledge.

Rossini Murta has the vision of being recognized in the market by its innovator character and philosophy based on integrity, competence, independence and speech freedom. Same principals are followed through Rossini Murta values of conduct and these are translated through their transparence.

1st Building – 1994 – 1998

2nd Building – 1998 – 2000

3rd Building – 2000 – 2006

4th Building – Since 2006